Contribution Submission

Using a local LaTeX installation for abstract preparation

Since the abstract submission system uses LaTeX for typesetting the contributions, you can prepare your abstract using a local LaTeX installation. It is neither recommended nor necessary to deal with a local LaTeX installation yourself, but in case you want here is how to do so.

At first you need to download an LaTeX file containing the basic structure used in the contribution submission system. Such a file is created by the "Alternative: Download LaTeX file" button in the abstract submission form. You may and should already fill in some of the information in the online form, such that those information is already set in the downloaded LaTeX file. Note that you need to enable LaTeX expressions in the submission system to be able to process the downloaded by LaTeX directly. Furthermore you should not use non-ASCII characters in the form. While they are allowed within the online system, they are not processed directly by LaTeX in an encoded representation internally.

To proceed with the preparation of your contribution you now need to download the class file scdpg_synopsis.cls. You can than use your local LaTeX installation to adjust your LaTeX file. Once you're done you can than upload your LaTeX file by "Alternative 1: Restore an already filled form" on the contribution submission start page.

Author names and restrictions to LaTeX expressions

As stated on the information page on special characters below the "Author names and restrictions to LaTeX expressions" heading, further restrictions beside the LaTeX conformity are applied to author names. Those restrictions are checked after uploading your LaTeX file onto the server but not by LaTeX itself. Additionally the system requests for unabbreviated first names, but those checks are not covered nor accessable by the LaTeX processing either.

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