Bonn 2020
Bonn 2020

Contribution Submission

Step 1 of 4: Information on the contribution submission

This abstract submission system allows you to submit a contribution to "Bonn 2020". The submission procedure takes four steps. Your contribution is properly submitted after performing all the steps only. You will get a proper success message online and by email.

The online submission system properly handles numerous special characters. Details are available at the information page on special characters. Optionally you can also create mathematical symbols and formulas via LaTeX. Unfortunately some characters will get a special meaning once LaTeX is activated and the characters need to be replaced by proper code. You may also use a local LaTeX installation for abstract preparation. In case of problems with the online submission system technical support is available at wobst@dpg-physik.de.

Please take care of the following hints:

The following parts are currently open to public contribution submission. Choose one of the parts.

Alternative 1: Restore an already filled form

It is possible to fill out a contribution form and to create a format test but instead of submitting the contribution right away you can download your data in form of a LaTeX file. Using this file you can then later on restore the filled form.

Choose the LaTeX file:

Alternative 2: Modify an already submitted abstract

In the exceptional case an already submitted contribution needs to be modified, please fill in the key for modification you received during the contribution submission. Modifications to an already submitted contribution are not possible until 8 hours past the submission.

Key for modifications:

Alternative 3: Collaboration definition

Collaborations are useful to collect large author lists used in several submissions. You need to create the collaboration first before it can be used in the contribution submission. However a collaboration can still be modified while its already attached to some contributions.

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