Contribution Submission

List of available unicode characters in the contribution submission

The contribution submission form supports the following lists of special symbols, which can be used directly. You may use cut and paste when you can not type the symbols on your maschine.

Variations of the latin letters

Á, Ă, Ǎ, Â, Ä, À, Å, Ã, Ć, Č, Ç, Ĉ, Ď, Ḑ, É, Ĕ, Ě, Ȩ, Ê, Ë, È, Ẽ, Ǵ, Ğ, Ǧ, Ģ, Ĝ, Ȟ, Ḩ, Ĥ, Ḧ, Í, Ĭ, Ǐ, Î, Ï, Ì, Ĩ, Ĵ, Ḱ, Ǩ, Ķ, Ĺ, Ľ, Ļ, Ł, Ḿ, Ń, Ň, Ņ, Ǹ, Ñ, Ó, Ŏ, Ǒ, Ô, Ö, Ò, Ø, Õ, Ṕ, Ŕ, Ř, Ŗ, Ś, Š, Ş, Ŝ, Ť, Ţ, Ú, Ŭ, Ǔ, Û, Ü, Ù, Ů, Ũ, Ṽ, Ẃ, Ŵ, Ẅ, Ẁ, Ẍ, Ý, Ŷ, Ÿ, Ỳ, Ỹ, Ź, Ž, Ẑ, á, ă, ǎ, â, ä, à, å, ã, ć, č, ç, ĉ, ď, ḑ, é, ĕ, ě, ȩ, ê, ë, è, ẽ, ǵ, ğ, ǧ, ģ, ĝ, ȟ, ḩ, ĥ, ḧ, í, ĭ, ǐ, î, ï, ì, ĩ, ǰ, ĵ, ḱ, ǩ, ķ, ĺ, ľ, ļ, ł, ḿ, ń, ň, ņ, ǹ, ñ, ó, ŏ, ǒ, ô, ö, ò, ø, õ, ṕ, ŕ, ř, ŗ, ś, š, ş, ŝ, ß, ť, ţ, ẗ, ú, ŭ, ǔ, û, ü, ù, ů, ũ, ṽ, ẃ, ŵ, ẅ, ẁ, ẘ, ẍ, ý, ŷ, ÿ, ỳ, ẙ, ỹ, ź, ž, ẑ

Greek letters

Α, α, Β, β, Γ, γ, Δ, δ, Ε, ε, Ζ, ζ, Η, η, Θ, θ, Ι, ι, Κ, κ, Λ, λ, Μ, μ, Ν, ν, Ξ, ξ, Ο, ο, Π, π, Ρ, ρ, Σ, σ, Τ, τ, Υ, υ, Φ, φ, Χ, χ, Ψ, ψ, Ω, ω

Other symbols

°, €, ℏ

Author names and restrictions to LaTeX expressions

Please note that for the author names you can use the variations of the latin letters only, since only those can be sorted into the author index. If you can not use the symbols above due to missing unicode support of your system, or if you want to write complicated mathematical expressions, you can additionally always activate and use the LaTeX syntax. To allow for later sorting of the author names the LaTeX syntax is restricted to the following allowed LaTeX expressions in precisely the following spelling:

\'{A}, \u{A}, \v{A}, \^{A}, \"{A}, \`{A}, \AA{}, \~{A}, \'{C}, \v{C}, \c{C}, \^{C}, \v{D}, \c{D}, \'{E}, \u{E}, \v{E}, \c{E}, \^{E}, \"{E}, \`{E}, \~{E}, \'{G}, \u{G}, \v{G}, \c{G}, \^{G}, \v{H}, \c{H}, \^{H}, \"{H}, \'{I}, \u{I}, \v{I}, \^{I}, \"{I}, \`{I}, \~{I}, \^{J}, \'{K}, \v{K}, \c{K}, \'{L}, \v{L}, \c{L}, \L{}, \'{M}, \'{N}, \v{N}, \c{N}, \`{N}, \~{N}, \'{O}, \u{O}, \v{O}, \^{O}, \"{O}, \`{O}, \O{}, \~{O}, \'{P}, \'{R}, \v{R}, \c{R}, \'{S}, \v{S}, \c{S}, \^{S}, \v{T}, \c{T}, \'{U}, \u{U}, \v{U}, \^{U}, \"{U}, \`{U}, \r{U}, \~{U}, \~{V}, \'{W}, \^{W}, \"{W}, \`{W}, \"{X}, \'{Y}, \^{Y}, \"{Y}, \`{Y}, \~{Y}, \'{Z}, \v{Z}, \^{Z}, \'{a}, \u{a}, \v{a}, \^{a}, \"{a}, \`{a}, \aa{}, \~{a}, \'{c}, \v{c}, \c{c}, \^{c}, \v{d}, \c{d}, \'{e}, \u{e}, \v{e}, \c{e}, \^{e}, \"{e}, \`{e}, \~{e}, \'{g}, \u{g}, \v{g}, \c{g}, \^{g}, \v{h}, \c{h}, \^{h}, \"{h}, \'{i}, \u{i}, \v{i}, \^{i}, \"{i}, \`{i}, \~{i}, \v{j}, \^{j}, \'{k}, \v{k}, \c{k}, \'{l}, \v{l}, \c{l}, \l{}, \'{m}, \'{n}, \v{n}, \c{n}, \`{n}, \~{n}, \'{o}, \u{o}, \v{o}, \^{o}, \"{o}, \`{o}, \o{}, \~{o}, \'{p}, \'{r}, \v{r}, \c{r}, \'{s}, \v{s}, \c{s}, \^{s}, \ss{}, \v{t}, \c{t}, \"{t}, \'{u}, \u{u}, \v{u}, \^{u}, \"{u}, \`{u}, \r{u}, \~{u}, \~{v}, \'{w}, \^{w}, \"{w}, \`{w}, \r{w}, \"{x}, \'{y}, \^{y}, \"{y}, \`{y}, \r{y}, \~{y}, \'{z}, \v{z}, \^{z}

Additionally, you can mark hyphenation positions by \- as usual in case the automatic english hyphenation doesn't work well. Unfortunately this is quite common in non-english text like for author names and affiliations.

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