SurfaceScience 2021
SurfaceScience 2021

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SurfaceScience 2021

The form allows you to use the german umlauts ä, ö, ü, Ä, Ö, Ü, and ß. If you cannot type german umlauts you may use these symbols for copy and paste.

Participant information

Your personal data are needed for the registration as a conference participant. In addition the data are needed for proper identification like for duplicate names.

Form of Address*:

First name (25 characters at most)*:

Surname (40 characters at most)*:

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Contact information

The primary communication with the conference participants takes places electronically. Please carefully provide your contact data, in order that all relevent material (like the registration and payment confirmation) and information about the conference can be send to you.


Email a second time to prevent typos*:

Phone (20 characters at most):

Preferencial conference part*:

The preferencial conference part is collected for statistical purposes only.

Conference fees

Please choose your conference fee.


150 €

(early bird fee:

120 €)



190 €

(early bird fee:

160 €)


Members of associated societies must present their membership id card.

Membership status

Please indicate whether you are a member of the DPG or an associated society, or you are a not a member.


Membership number:



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